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Meet The Maker is a series of one-day pop-up-shops at Stitch & Rivet in the Brookland/Edgewood neighborhood of Northeast Washington, DC. The pop-ups occur during the Historic Brookland Farmer’s Market from 9am-1pm.  The pop-ups are a chance for YOU to meet the makers of your favorite locally crafted products. 

Sarah Potter started crocheting granny squares as a kid. Now she
enjoys thinking outside the box.  For her shop, Hooked and Loopy,
Sarah is obsessive about crocheting 100% cotton creatures with a
little bit of personality and wit - everything from smiling alligators
to Zen-like zebras, mysterious gnomes and tolerant nuns, ironic
superhero bunnies and iconic Mr. T.  Sarah's philosophy is simple:
when you are buying something for yourself or giving a gift, whether
it is for a baby, kid, tween, or awesome adult, you want to be sure
that it doesn't end up in the trash or donation bin in a few weeks.
Each Hooked and Loopy creature is built to spend some quality - and
quantity - time with you.